• featuredgorburger
    Gorburger Head Sculpture
  • greatamericannightmareweb666
    Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare Special Effects Makeup
  • chestgore
    Chest Gore Wound Sculpture
  • devilmasksculpture
    Devil Half Mask Sculpture
  • skull_prosthetic_layout
    Skull Prosthetic Sculpture
  • beefsculpt
    Side of Beef Sculpture

  • gorburgerfeaturedconcept
    Gorburger Concepts
  • gmobpuppetceelo
    Goodie Mob Puppet Designs
  • sculptrisalien.1.3final
    Smart Alien Concept Design
  • goblin_composite
    Goblin Concept Art
  • froggyconcept
    Froggy Concept Art
  • beyond_doomsday_composition_color
    Beyond Doomsday Concepts

  • greatamericannightmareweb666
    Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare Special Effects Makeup
  • zombiemask
    Retro Zombie Mask
  • 2dzombie1
    2D Zombie Brown
  • thegivingtree
    The Giving Tree F.O.D.
  • imatszombiedemo
    IMATS Zombie Demo
  • bloatedmakeup
    Bloated Drowning Victim IMATS 2012 Demo

  • bizarroclownchris
    Bizarro Au Go Go Clowns
  • cyclopspaintingsmall
    Cyclops Harryhausen Tribute Painting
  • bicyclegirlpaintingsmall
    Bicycle Girl Zombie Painting
  • frankensteinmonsterpaintingsmall
    Frankenstein’s Monster
  • metalunasketch
    Metaluna Mutant
  • shrunkenhead1paintingsmall
    Shrunken Head Acrylic Painting

From my earliest days gazing at illustrations of dinosaurs, I knew my future was going to be filled with creatures and creativity. Every project is approached with "fresh eyes" adding layers of story and detail to help create the best product possible. Creative projects are ultimately about the journey, travel with me as we make ideas tangible and dreams reality. -This website is currently under construction. I apologize if there are any broken links or inconsistencies.-
Charles Wills
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